Would you know why don’t you fall out of bed while sleeping ?

We are all move around when we’re sleeping, some of us move around quit a bit, it’s as the body knows to not move that extra foot or where it might fall off the edge. Everyone of us has experienced a falling. We may feel as if we’re falling for long minutes but waking up to catch our self. So, why all this ?…

In this article we are going to answer the question why don’t we fall out of the bed while sleeping? Just follow …

1. You can take a glass of water despite the darkness:


In part of the brain called  “ parietal cortex “ contains a lot of “visual maps” of your current position. These maps focus on different parts of the body or to the place around you at that moment. It’s the brain way in understanding how the world looks like at your fingertips, around you head, and on the opposite side of the room. When you fluctuate in bed at night, the brain alters its “visual maps” to the bed to adapt to change in your sleeping position. It looks like clicking on google maps program, the map spins to fit the direction of your site.

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