The 11 Most Disastrous Plastic Surgeries in All Time

the plastic surgeons usually show you the successful surgeries and hide the failures to encourage you to make a surgery.
In this article, we are going to show you the 5 most disastrous plastic surgery in all time

1. Hang mioku

Hang mioku was a beautiful Korean model and a K-pop star who was obsessed with her look which led her to destroy her life forever. In the age of 28 she made her first Silicone injection into her face and after she became addict with this kind of injections to the point that her doctor refused to inject her further more, so she decided to do this by herself without any help from her doctor, and she bought the Silicone from the black market and started injecting herself and after that she was not satisfied and started again injecting herself this time with cooking oil!!! instead of Silicone which led her to destroy her face.

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