An American Teenager claims that She is Pregnant With Jesus

Haley is 19 years old girl who swears up that she is eight and a half months pregnant with Jesus!!!! She made two home pregnancy tests and the results were negative and her mother Kristi took her in a clinic and she made another pregnancy test and the result were negative too. but the teenager declared that she can feel the fetus kicking inside of her.


Haley lied before several times about being in the program of American idol, her biological father is the famous American rapper Eminem and she donated a kidney to her half brother!! Her mother Kritsti says that she lies and exaggerates in everything.

Even Dr. Travis Lane Stork from The Doctors made an ultrasound test in the program of Dr. Phil and he couldn’t find any baby and the movements that she feels he said that are because of her distended bowels.

Haley said to Dr.Stork: “I’m sorry Dr.Stork but you can’t lie to Jesus”

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