7 Money lies you must stop telling yourself NOW !

4. I can afford it

“I want this fancy dress”, “Those designer shoes are a great deal”, “I should get this coupe sports car”, “I need to look good for my job”, “Eating out a couple of times a week won’t hurt my budget”, these are lies you keep telling yourself to get that item you want, you won’t realize about your spendings until you find yourself broke at the end of the month. So instead of finding reasons to buy unnecessary stuff, ask yourself do you really need this purchase? How much do you have to work to afford it?

5. I can’t afford to put money in my 401k account

If you managed to build a retirement saving plan with your employer, try investing in it. The available investments will depend on who your employer is and the choices they make for you. Instead of picking stocks, automate your investments with target date funds, you might struggle at the beginning but you will thank yourself later when you see how much your savings grow.

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