7 Money lies you must stop telling yourself NOW !

2. Debt is a normal part of life

A lot of people who find themselves trapped in debt have simply accepted the fact that it’s normal. However, Debt shouldn’t be normal; it’s actually a problem when you can’t break free from it.
Why kick off your life with a massive pile of debt to buy a brand new car? Knowing that cars are items that drop in value like a rock, it’s okay to get a used car with a lower price tag and fewer registration fees, and start saving for your dream car.
Use the 10 years saving strategy instead of relying on loans only, the less debt you owe, the faster you’ll get rid of it. Getting rid of your high credit card debt will improve your finances and your credit score.
If you’re already in debt don’t wait until you make enough money to start paying it because you might never earn more than now.
Think about paying your student loans now, try to get a part time job and pay more than your minimum payment per month.

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